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Making bus stops more pleasant

Trees near bus stops would make them more pleasant, especially on hot days.

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We "enjoyed" temperatures in the high 90s a few days ago. I found myself crouching alongside an SUV at a car lot, the only sliver of shade I could find near the bus stop. I thought, "Stops should be situated next to shade trees." Then, once I got on the bus and started watching for trees in relation to bus stops, I realized that 28th St (and probably lots of busy streets) have virtually no trees near which to situate bus stops. I'd love to see more trees added to major commercial corridors such as 28th St, and the planting should start next to bus stops! (Note: the first photo is of Used Car Motor Mall at 28th and Eastern; the second photo is a nice bus stop on Eastern Ave, just north of 44th St - there's no sidewalk, which is bad, but the Steelcase bench and the trees give it a nice, pleasant feel. Photos taken from Google Maps.)


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Hi Annie, Katie, moderator, here! It's a quite young community still, especially the Grand Rapids part of it. You'll notice that quite a lot of posts are the author and moderator only. While we are posting our experiences and insights (or we are supposed to be anyway) there's not always anything much to add, so don't be too hard on your fellow community members. In the propose phase, there will be ideas, and with ideas come opinions, and comments! We really appreciate your great contributions, and I'm going over to check out your latest now...

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