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Let's Talk about Automobile Insurance in Michigan as a limiting factor. Can we fix this?

Automobile insurance in Michigan tops the nation... Our cars aren't made of gold in Michigan.. our cars are just like cars in other states.

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This is something that affects every driver in Michigan...The continual increase of insurance fees - regardless of your driving record is crazy, and it is something that we are required by law to have to drive our cars. The stats say Michigans rates are highest in the nation.
These rates can affect whether you choose to buy a car, and instead of feeding our families or going on vacations we may be forced to cut necessity or luxuries to pay this cost. Doesn't seem fair.
There need to be more checks and balances to make this requirement more doable.


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Thanks for highlighting this as a topic, Annie. I suspect it will generate some additional comments and conversation.

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Your welcome. If your from Michigan, then you probably understand the issue very well.. It would be nice if this platform would help draw attention to a very large problem.

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