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Let's Talk about Automobile Insurance in Michigan as a limiting factor. Can we fix this?

Automobile insurance in Michigan tops the nation... Our cars aren't made of gold in Michigan.. our cars are just like cars in other states.

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This is something that affects every driver in Michigan...The continual increase of insurance fees - regardless of your driving record is crazy, and it is something that we are required by law to have to drive our cars. The stats say Michigans rates are highest in the nation. These rates can affect whether you choose to buy a car, and instead of feeding our families or going on vacations we may be forced to cut necessity or luxuries to pay this cost. Doesn't seem fair. There need to be more checks and balances to make this requirement more doable.


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The days of us owning cars are coming to an end.. Can't happen soon enough.

Maybe we can double-down on high insurance rates with new gas taxes, to force people to audit their transit behaviors, and better utilize available transit options.

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interstingly, unless it is fixed, I see the problem rolling over into the next generation of transportation.. and those costs will continue to be passed onto those that use the services of the new technology. I dont ser this going away by changing who owns the vehicles.

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Not really? Autonomous fleets aren't going to have human-operated insurance rates.

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You are correct about the human drivers. But I believe there are other factors that could contribute to increased insurance. For example, the cost of technology if damaged or vandalized. 100's of Billions have been poured into this technology. It is expensive and that will be a major factor when considering replacement costs.
So, The cost of the vehicle if an accident occurs within road drive time as a factor.. and lawsuits that are filed due to technology that fails and things that we cant even predict.. But, it would be great if your prediction that taking human drivers out of the car would lower rates.
At the end of the day, my personal opinion is more needs to be done then just take the driver out of the vehicle, especially in Michigan.

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