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I have seen first hand how hard it is for some in our community to get around ...

Because of this, we are piloting a companion based rideshare that's specifically designed for seniors, those with disabilities and our youth

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Social Issue When evaluating rideshare transportation for seniors, those with disabilities and our youth, we uncovered very few options were affordable or convenient - much less on demand. At Kboose, we believe it would be amazing if those needing a little extra assistance could get around as easily as businessmen and bar patrons by utilizing a rideshare platform that is companion based. Further, this companion based option is needed because the vast majority of the rideshare industry is racing towards driverless options a Kboose feels that is is important to embrace the driver and make them an important part of the solution of this demographic providing a safe empowering transportation option. Our Goals What if we could eliminate much of the bussed transportation at retirement facilities, eliminating their liability, the cost of buses, upkeep and drivers and ultimately reduced the cost of retirement operating expenses? What if group homes no longer needed vans - and in addition to reduced costs, we improve quality of life through normalcy? What if retirees could live at home longer because they had affordable and available transportation when they stop driving? What if the visually impaired could trust a driver would come look for them, and what if parents didn't have to risk their jobs when they had to scramble to provide unplanned transportation for their children? Our contribution has been to pilot and test our idea in Grand Rapids and the surrounding communities.


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Thank you Katie for your comment, I know that Mobility has recently become more of a conversational topic, and I am delighted to hear and see people actually taking an interest in it other than believing what we have in the systems that currently exist are enough. It would be really nice to see those that are posting actually engage in dialogue about their ideas with others in the commun ity. My involvement in Mobility begin back in 2016, and I am fully immersed in this issue and a solution.

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