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How walkable is the city in the rain or snow?

The last time I was in Grand Rapids, I walked everywhere, because the weather was beautiful.

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When the weather is great, it seems like there are lots of people walking around the city, and it seems generally very walk-able. How does this change whenever it rains, snows, or is uncomfortable outside? Do people still walk and adjust, do people stay in, or do they drive or take other modes of transportation?


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I live in East Hills and work right downtown behind the arena and can say absolutely that the weather slows pedestrian traffic. When the weather is pleasant and dry (that can mean spring-summer-fall), there are regularly people out walking lunch hours to various hot spots, etc. At my home, there's a lot of people still walking year-round. We live in an area that definitely pings the 311 app over absentee landlords plowing sidewalks. We also have single side parking to deal with those months. But I can definitely say in my experience that rain and snow definitely causes people to rethink their mobility option - whether that means their own car or to just stay put. Whereas bigger cities people still have to get done what they need to get done so they keep going outside even if they're disgruntled about it (thinking about my experiences in Chicago).

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