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How GR prioritizes mobility, in one photograph.

A photograph under the s-curve overpass at 5:15 on a Tuesday.

Photo of Meagen Coburn
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What you see in the photograph is heavily backed up vehicle traffic with single rider vehicle occupancy. The Rapid mass transit busses are stuck in this traffic because they don’t have their own lane or stoplight to enter and exit their bus station terminal (which is located left side behind that parking lot sign). Pedestrian crossing between stopped cars that are stopped on top of the crosswalk despite the pedestrian signage (never mind the ad campaign running in GR calling out pedestrians having right of way). Not seen: the bicyclist that just wove through and the cement truck exiting the construction site. We are all stopped because of single occupant vehicle traffic leaving office work for the day.


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Photo of annie young

A timed set of lights... Additionally lights at tin can intersection and the a set at the bus entrance .. Control the traffic flow and allow the bus out.. or bring them out on century.

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