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Homeless Youth, Education & Transportation

Schools are left scrambling to find a way to get homeless students to school when they are housed out of the district. How can we help?

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Another issue and one that is often hidden is how do we transport our homeless youth? In Grand Rapids when families are homeless they're often placed outside the school district. This creates an issue for schools because they are no longer on bus routes. How do we provide the needed transportation to get them to school to further their education so that they don't continue the cycle of homelessness?


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Hello Annie, thanks again for the contribution! I wonder how this experience fits within the broader issue of school transportation.

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Overall, I believe school transportation is its own issue. In Michigan, insurance makes it a very large expense. Kinda surprised I am not seeing more conversation on how that cost of insurance affects transportation.

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Besides road conditions Insurance does seem to be the other big transportation issue Michigan is facing statewide. If you have some thoughts on that topic, and perhaps what the issue looks like from a Grand Rapids perspective I would encourage you to make a post on it!