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GVSU Allendale - Downtown GR - Ford Airport Corridor: two-hour transit trip between them today/opportunity for world-class transit tomorrow

the trip connecting 9 college campuses w/ 45,000+ students, a downtown w/ 65,000+ workers and an airport w/ 2.8 million+ annual users

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The 22-mile transit trip from GVSU-Allendale to Ford Airport is a frustrating 2+ hour cross-metro trek on three different RAPID Transit linehaul bus routes. It begins on Route 50 (future Laker Line BRT route) from GVSU-Allendale to Central Station in Downtown GR (50 minutes), then continues w/ a transfer there onto Route 6 to Woodland Station (45 minutes) and then a final transfer onto Route 17 from Woodland to Ford Airport Station (25 minutes). Were this route replaced with the conceptualized East-West Metrorail system, this trip would be cut in half to an hour, would avoid the vast amount of traffic stops/road obstructions that plague this heavily traveled corridor including its 9 college campuses with 45,000+ students, the 65,000+ workers of Downtown GR and the 2.8 million+ annual users of Ford Airport. Additionally, the current bus mode for this corridor does not promote multiple stops at any of its 19 super-regional destinations due to each stop adding exorbitant amounts of additional wait times for the next bus that will predictably be caught in traffic/road obstructions. The seamless intermodality of having a single metrorail transit spine with a bus system that ties into its station sites like feeder ribs will absolutely upgrade the attractiveness of GR as a key American metropolitan area in which its residents can live, work, learn and play with maximum access, choice and independence of mobility. A demonstration asset is needed; STAY TUNED.


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Thank you for the post, it does seem that this is a challenging commute to make for such important destinations!

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Indeed; that is why we must take this situation and utilize it as a teachable moment for our young people; to create an opportunity for them to media-document the process of their developing the demonstration asset that can drive forward the required consensus-building and regional planning that can culminate with the FTA-ready plan that can win funding approval for implementation. Small enriching steps to get to the greater beneficial outcome; $100,000 to pave the way for a multi-billion dollar paradigm shift and quality-of-life game changer. Not a bad deal . . . .then we can move on to the needed commuter rail transit (a la the Metra-style commuter system in Chicago) between Metro Grand Rapids' three triplex hubs of GR, Muskegon and Holland alongside their I-96, I-196 and U.S. 31 freeway connector corridors.