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Google maps: My savior

Google maps makes navigating the city a breeze!

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These days I use google maps for most of my transportation needs. It's so easy to use with a phone, and gives real time information on the buses and traffic in the app. I've tried to use the rapid app in the past for bus information, and waze for car information, but it was kind of a pain if I was trying to decide if I should bus or walk to where I'm going. The rapid app is also difficult to use to map out your full trip, where as google will give you walking directions once you get off the bus. I just wonder what kind of potential these all in one apps could have for the future of transit in Grand Rapids. What if they could be used to alleviate traffic in certain areas, or to suggest a safer walking route for pedestrians, or a bike route that by-passes the crazy hills we have on michigan and lafayette. I wonder how Apple maps compares, and what other kind of technology people use. I know I use google maps at least twice a week, sometimes even more just to check commute times home, or to get an ETA of when a visitor will be arriving.


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I love using the satellite view on Google Maps to figure out how bikeable an area is before I go that way. When clicking on the bike, Google Maps will show the terrain when giving directions, so sometimes you can choose a different way to see if the terrain is better. I wish Google Maps would allow a person to choose a bike and bus trip together, not just bike and walking, though. I've never used Apple Maps, so don't know how that compares.

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