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Cycling around Grand Rapids

I know GR will introduce a cycle sharing scheme soon. How easy & safe is cycling around Grand Rapids today? Do you cycle to work?

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When I was visiting GR recently the weather was fantastic so I decided to go the Riverside Park from Downtown. Since I didn't have a car, the only other available option was taking bus 13, which comes every 30min and it took me in total about 50min to get to the park. I could have cycled the distance in only 17 min if I had a cycle. I wonder if local cyclists can share how simple or difficult it is to get around GR on a bicycle and if you cycle to work or parks for leisure? What are the areas you prefer cycling in?


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The topography is a big challenge for me - I love that the bike share is proposing e-assist to help with the hills!

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Yes. Any bicycle riding east or west from downtown means climbing out of the Grand River valley :-).

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Yes, I think we need an escalator that holds bikes on some of the nasty hills, such as Michigan Ave. Even as a committed commuter cyclist, I avoid hills when I can. I'm really glad to live in Alger Heights, which means a pancake-flat ride into downtown.

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The Michigan Street corridor is too stressful for a casual rider like me. The future improvements to Lyon would be welcome. A greenway/bikepath along the railway would help people in the corridor get to the future GFS grocery store at Diamond Place. A bike/cart/wheelchair escalator up to Belknap Lookout combined with a low stress network down Newberry/Sixth St. would be really helpful for getting to the Bridge Street Market. I would gladly welcome more bike traffic through my neighborhood.

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I think a commuter escalator would be an amazing addition for transporting wheelchairs bike and even people whose knees just hurt going up and down Hills and steps

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