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Finish Highway Loop

Like other major cities, a highway loop is created to reduce downtown traffic for commuters AND trucks.

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I don't live in Grand Rapids but travel through the city and continue northward via 131. It would be wonderful to circle around the city instead of driving through the downtown area. I found this technique useful in Houston, which has TWO highway loops. I can see the start of the highway loop with Route 6 but only benefits southern travel.


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I really like this idea - I wish I knew the forum to promote it. I would add that the controlled-access highways within the loop (US-131, I-96, I-196) should be converted to slower, limited-access highways with more access points to help reduce congestion at the existing ramps.

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Rob Montroy  : Dwight Eisenhower had wanted the interstate freeways to stop at the edges of cities, but in many cases the decision was made to send them THROUGH the cities.

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