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Fat Bikes on City Busses

Some of the city busses allow for fat bikes while others don't. Is there a way to know which route / which days a fat rack will be available

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Some of the city busses allow for fat bikes while others don't. Fat Bikes are great for the winter season and great for those who may want more stability when riding around! How much would it cost to turn all racks into fat bike compatible racks? Can a route be posted so we know where the fat racks are? Can the busses with fat racks always ride the same routes so we can begin to plan on it? When planning a daily commute, this is something I would consider to help get me to where I need to go.


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Hi Jill: You have a unique perspective as a prominent bicycle advocate in Grand Rapids. I wonder if you would consider collaborating with Laura Muresan to submit a proposal on winter bicycle transportation (or some other aspect of bicycle transportation) to the "Propose" phase of this Challenge. (The Challenge is seeking proposals through September 30 and is providing $100,000 to a winning proposal.) I'm the online facilitator for the Grand Rapids Challenge. So, let me know if I can help you refine an idea. You can submit a proposal here: Thanks for considering.

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