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Easy commute

My work commute is easy, because I work from home.

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Even though my work commute is easy, the doctors and vets are a 20-30 minute commute. Not that either are that far away but none have a direct route. My doctor's office is right on I96 and I can get to it from M6, but from Byron Center to Cascade takes 20 minutes minimum. Getting to our vets office is a lot of city streets which can take up to a half an hour if going at a busy time of day.

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Hello David, I am one of the facilitators for the challenge, thank you for posting! You have a very interesting (and probably increasingly common) situation, not commuting for work but mostly traveling for other needs. Has that pattern had any impact on how you travel to the doctor/vet, or other considerations like where they are located, or even where you live?

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I work at home, too. Because of this, I think, I got spoiled by not having to drive very much. I end up choosing most of the places I do business based on how easy they are to bike to, or, in some cases, take the bus to. It makes me thankful to have a home that is quite centrally located and on two bus lines.

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So in a way the flexibility of working from home allows you to choose your preferred mode of transportation, in a way that most other people can't - thanks for the comment Laura!

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Yes, I think working from home made it easier for me to get out of the mindset that I had to drive. In turn, it has made me intensely interested in my neighborhood and areas that are convenient to bike to.

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No, not a bit. I don't choose doctors, vets or even groceries based on distance. I go to the places that I feel are best regardless of distance.