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Downtown bike route wayfinding signs

Wayfinding signs for bikes downtown would be great for those who might be on pedal but not familiar with convenient routes to neighborhoods.

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While some people know which streets have good bike lanes (Seward, Cherry, etc) or bike-friendly shortcuts (Sixth Street Park), those unfamiliar with the city might appreciate some simple neighborhood wayfinding signage to avoid intimidating intersections. For instance, taking the blue bridge / Gillett bridge to access downtown from the west side is a much better experience than Fulton. Of course, there is already "bike route" signage, but rarely does this tell you where the route is heading. This would reduce congestion and frustration for drivers as well.


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In my town we have maps that show the short. It’s whether walking or cycling, I am fortunate to live one a town Bracknell UK that seems to built around shared transport, I could cycle from home to rail station, 3miles, almost entirely away from cars. It was quicker as well.

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