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Daily Commute

Daily rides on the Rapid or Biking

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I would take the Rapid daily to get from the southeast side to downtown for work. I enjoyed being able to ride the bus and get sometime in where I could read a book in the morning and on my way home. I also was able to get some daily walking in because the route was not a door to door experience. I thought this was a positive most times because I was able to actually experience the city on foot as opposed to passing it by in my car. Frustrations were generally related to the frequency of service and if I missed a stop. I would also frequently bike to work which was great. I generally took side streets and back roads as I felt safer than major thoroughfares. It also allowed me to again see more of the city that you dont normally experience. Overall, travelling by methods other than personal automobile was exciting and gave me a sense of adventure daily.

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Hello Andrew, I am one of the facilitators here, thank you for sharing your experience! I like that you appreciated the walk between the bus stop and your destination - a lot of people might see that as a problem to be solved but time spent walking doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing.