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Commute to work via The Rapid

Commute from Clyde Park & 54th St. Meijer to Burton & East Beltline.

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I took the 7:11 AM bus from the Meijer at Clyde Park and 54th St. It was a very quiet trip down Clyde park with it being a summer holiday week. Bus driver was friendly and we talked a little about whether he knew my cousin who drives for the Rapid. I got off at Burton to transfer to the Burton Cross-town bus. It was a 10 minute wait and the weather was nice. The Burton Cross-town was also very quiet. At each stop, the bus driver rotated through a series of rhyming farewells to the people gettng off. Mine was "As you leave, hope you have a nice weekend indeed!" Two others that I remember him saying to others were: "As the day goes, hope yours has a positive flow!" and "As you go upon your way, hope you have a wonderful day!". ...or something like that. Nice touch and an easy commute.


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I live 15 minutes from the airport. I had to return a rental car that I've gotten for a long trip and rather than Uber back home I said well let me just try the bus. In my experience, it took me 4 hours to get back to my house. That included wait time for the bus, 2 rides and transfers, wait time in between the rides, end a seven or eight minute walk to my house. There was nothing terrible about it except, it took me 4 hours... That was frustrating, what kind of quality of life would one have if they had to spend their free time on buses. Perhaps I should have used it as a time to take a nap. I am glad that the bus works for you though, and I wish that my experience was a pleasant as yours.

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Route 17 can be something of a challenge since it doesn't run as often as most other routes. One thing that's really nice about it, though, is the nice climate-controlled enclosed bus stop at the airport. When I flew a few years ago I took the bus to the airport, but it doesn't run on the weekends, so I took my bike with me and parked it at the airport (they had nice covered bike parking in the parking ramp, but there was no indication on the website - that I could find, anyway - about where to park a bike at the airport, so I had to call to get that info). The day I got home, there was a nasty, cold rain and I rode my bike in it until I got to another bus route that ran that day. Still, it felt good to find my own way to and from the airport rather than calling a cab, mooching a ride, or having to pay to park the car for several days.

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