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It's just been two months I have moved to Grand Rapids. I'm able to reach to work with the help of my colleagues who have been carpooling!

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As my work location is at Walkent, we do not have bus transportation to that location. I personally engaged and represented alternative transportation open house for our employees and encouraged to sign up for active commute week. I'm lucky that I could travel free using my badge in Ride the Rapid. Carpooling or car sharing is the best alternative transportation along with bus facility


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The Rapid (Our public bus transportation system)supports vanpooling and carpooling too, but I don't think it is marketed or advertised well. Additionally, Enterprise, the car rental place is also has a version of vanpooling. So even if you didn't have awesome coworkers like Anusha this could be an option. But.. you need to know that it existed and how it works for it to be a benefit

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Yes Annie, your right Carpooling and vanpooling need to advertised more. But I'm still spectacle and how safe are carpooling and vanpooling services. It's true, There are lot of organizations which provides cars for rent, but I feel renting car is an option but not effective if it is again used by only as solo-drive. It will be really good if you share your journey with people which reduces carbon emission.  

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As a female, I understand that sentiment. Additionally, there always seems to be sneaky fine print buried in a document that's way to long to read that your forced to agree to in order to utilize the service.

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Hi Anusha,
I also understand the concern with safety and riding with strangers. I do want to share with you an article that Rapid Growth Media published several years ago (many of the people mentioned in the article are still in our vanpool program!) When people chose to join the vanpool program, we receive their information and a formal process has to be followed. The vanpool driver/coordinator also undergoes a background check.
Here's the article- I think this really shows what it can be like to ride in a vanpool!

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