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Can't use bus for events on a Saturday evening

Buses end early enough on Saturday evenings that you can't use it for a concert or event.

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I've gone to events on a Saturday in Grand Rapids and had to leave early in order to catch the last bus home for the evening. If I want to use public transportation for a weekend evening event, it has to be on a Friday, since the hours are longer on weekdays. If I want to go to an evening service at my church, I also can't take the bus for that, since the last one leaves too early on Sundays.

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Thanks for the observation, Laura. The last buses leave downtown at 9:45 on Saturdays and at 6:45 on Sundays--definitely a barrier for evening events on those days. Elsewhere, Mike Kelly  asks how people get in and out of downtown for big events: Emily Lawson  also pointed out the lack of transit service on Sundays. It sounds like you've tried to make it work, but it's been a challenge. I applaud your effort :-).