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Bike Commute

I love biking to work. I live in the SE area of Grand Rapids and work downtown.

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Because the area where I live is poorer, streets aren’t always well kept which can make biking really dangerous. I also wish there were more businesses in my area - a small, unassuming coffee shop or quick lunch place that isn’t a fast food chain would do well with the amount of foot traffic there! However, biking to work always makes me happy and I love how quickly I can get around the city on my bike and how easy it is to park!


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Hi Connie thank you for posting, I am one of the facilitators for City of Tomorrow. Cycling has turned out to be a good mobility solution for you but it seems that the lack of investment in your neighborhood has made cycling more challenging for you. I wonder what other mobility challenges this might create for people in your neighborhood?

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Agreed! Luckily, the bus systems are great near me, but the stops could use more bus shelters and trash cans (especially on Franklin and Jefferson).

Many do cycle or walk in my neighborhood, but better trash control or some public landscaping would help make the Franklin corridor more conducive to public transit.