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Bicycle Action Plan

Have you read it and what do you think?

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The City has issued a draft Bicycle Action Plan to be discussed over the next two months. What do you think of the plan? Does it address important transportation issues in the community?


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"The topography of Grand Rapids is
generally favorable for bicycling, and
the size of the city means many
destinations are within a reasonable
bicycling distance. The City is 45
square miles with a dense downtown
and inner ring of older neighborhoods
surrounded by fairly dense and
connected mid‐20th century
neighborhoods with more suburban‐
style areas on the City’s edges."

Just circling back, the above statement is what was said in the plan... It left me wondering if those that wrote the proposal cycle?
I love cycling, but downtown is at the bottom of a basin. The surrounding hills are beyond challenging. It is a hard climb out, and with traffic, it can be frightening cycling down the hills. They are steep hills. While I'm not opposed to the plan I think that is a legitimate concern that is overlooked and would prevent many from even trying.

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