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Auto Insurance

it costs to much

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Auto insurance is something that affects so many people. I don't understand why there isn't more of a conversation around this and why there isn't a push to have it changed. We pay more for automobile insurance than any other state. Cars in Michigan are not gold tipped. They're just doesn't seem any good reason to me for them to charge more to repair a car here in Michigan then North Carolina or Ohio. Parts cost the same no matter where you go. I don't understand why we aren't more up in arms about this then we are about people blocking crosswalks or there not being enough bike Lanes or Better Community planning. Certainly there's a lot of issues out there to be discussed around transportation, and this is one that affects so many people I think it should be part of the conversation.


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Thanks for the post Annie, Insurance costs are definitely an important concern with regards to driving in Michigan. My understanding is that this is connected unlimited medical benefits under the no-fault insurance system, meaning a lot of money is going to pay hospital bills ( This may need to be fixed by policy, and I am glad that it is a common topic in the news and among leadership. I wouldn't necessarily contrast it to advocacy for safer streets, they are both important topics and both can be addressed!

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Zebra's Alyssa Connelly says the average annual auto premium in Michigan is about $2600, which is nearly twice the national average. According to the report, North Carolina motorists pay the lowest annual premiums ($865). The 2018 State of Auto Insurance Report finds motorists in Detroit pay $5,414, on average.Feb 28, 2018
Here's the important piece...
The amount we pay per vehicle for pip is 145 dollars. A flat fee. Which still leaves me scratching my head.

If this forum isn't the correct place to have this conversation, that's fine, but I thought this was how to improve mobility.
Person vehicle tra sportation is important too, this can affect lives, including where one can work. Without transportation many are tied to the bus lines etc.

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I think it is an important challenge with our transportation system to bring up, I wonder if there are ways to get at the core of the issue beyond the political arena!

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I think it's a big issue, and because of that no one believes their voice will have an impact. resigned acceptance. but, sometimes you only need to make a crack to start the change.