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28th St in Grandville highly pedestrian / bike unfriendly

Riding a bike down 28th St in Grandville proved an adventure of jumping curbs and riding on grass.

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Yesterday evening my son and I rode our bikes from Johnson Park in Walker to our home near 28th and Eastern. We could've ridden over to Prairie and taken that part of the way home, but Prairie is quite hilly and out of the way, so we opted for 28th St. All of 28th Street is a challenge, with lots of businesses and driveways, but the portion of 28th St in Grandville is especially problematic (and part of Chicago Dr. that connects with 28th St). We ended up riding through parking lots, jumping curbs, riding on grass and single tracks a large portion of the way through Grandville. There are some spots with sidewalks, but they start and stop. Riding in the road on 28th St itself is a death-wish due to the high traffic. For a short portion of the trip we were able to take a bike trail (not sure of its name) that runs just south of 28th St. We didn't know if it started up elsewhere, and the entrance to it is hard to find (you get to it through a dollar store parking lot). Some wayfinding signs that show alternative routes for pedestrians or bicyclists would be very helpful on busy streets that are difficult to navigate.

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its that way on kentwood side of 28th too. In the winter, people walk on the street for a lack of sidewalk. They are starting to fix it over here though.

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