Join us to participate in the upcoming 2019 City:One Challenge. 

Michigan Central Station

We are curious about which proposals are the best fit for this Challenge according to our 'How Might We' and Challenge Brief.

To keep you up to date with Challenge information and communicating about how you can stay involved, we ask that you provide your name and email.
Futher Communications
DAVIS: Alley Activation Project

We are looking to build the framework to activate alleys within the impact area and connect residents with resources from around Detroit.

Greenspot's e-Mobility Hubs

Greenspot installs and operates an expanding network of electric vehicle charging stations and then integrates electric shared mobility.

Southwest Mobility Stations

Mobility Stations including emergency phone, interactive maps, dining/entertainment guides and act as a hub for different modes of transport

Bridging Histories, Building Futures

A project to use art to help connect downtown and Corktown via the Michigan Avenue bridge over the Lodge Freeway.

CBA's innovation to mobility in the Ford Impact Community

The CBA, local business and residents will create an innovate way to travel in the Ford Impact community.

Enhancing Independent Transportation for Individuals with Cognitive Disabilities and others with Special Needs with the WayFinder Ecosystem

Piloting an innovative mobile app to increase confidence and enable independent use of DDOT's transit system by special populations

Serving the Underserved: Make Mobility Technology "B1" with the Community.

Bedestrian helps spend more time caring for people, less time carrying goods. Mobility technology that delivers pharmaceuticals and food.

The “eCHARIOT" ... by FEV

FEV's "eCHARIOT is a power-assist, easy access 3-wheel vehicle for transporting goods and people(young-to-senior & otherwise-abled)

Michigan Central Station Commuter Co-op: Accessible transport for the community, owned and powered by the community

A mobility benefits corporation owned and operated by the employees of the Michigan Central Station, powered by technology

Let's get there together

Rally is bus rideshare: applying automation to create demand-based trips with motorcoaches and high occupancy vehicles.

Finding Your Way to Mexicantown

Design and implement welcoming, multilingual wayfinding signage that reflects and celebrates SW Detroit/Mexicantown’s history and heritage.