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OnDemand Mobility for Seniors and People With Disabilities to Medical Appointments and access to Healthy Foods

We will provide the Navya Level 4 Autonomous Para-transit 9 passenger shuttle and 2 Para-transit Vans

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Mobility-Inclusion a non profit 501(c) (3) mission and advocacy for the disabled community and individuals with mobility challenges to help improve on the quality of life using ADA compliant Autonomous Vehicles for safe, efficient and independent mobility. IXR Mobility Transportation Network Technology Integrated Non-Emergency Mobility Platform

Mobility-Inclusion transport  services using the IXR Mobility Technology System to provide on-demand high quality efficient, reliable, enjoyable non emergency transport services for seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities. IXR using the concept of Individual Xperience Ride-Sharing (IXR) services which is an innovative mobility network transportation technology system designed to deliver a more quality user experience for People With Disabilities.

Mobility-Inclusion building trust initiative  has a role in shaping the conversation for Autonomous Vehicles (AV) for people with disabilities. Transportation and mobility play key roles in the struggle for independence  and equal opportunity among people with disabilities.  Affordable and reliable transportation are serious barriers for independence which discourages people with disabilities from access to important opportunities in education, employment, health care, housing, and community life.

How will your solution benefit residents, workers, or visitors in the Michigan Central Station impact area? (1,000 characters)

It is very important that every person have access to reliable efficient accessible public transportation. People with disabilities—particularly in rural areas—need accessible, affordable transportation options that bring employment, health care, education, housing, and community life within reach. Mobility-Inclusion advocacy and the IXR mobility network system model, working with transportation partners, ride-sharing companies, auto companies, engineers, designers and elected officials will ensure that people with mobility challenges, veterans and seniors will have access to enjoyable autonomous mobility. Mobility-Inclusion welcome funding resources and partners to help improve the quality of life for people with disabilities by way of Autonomous Mobility and inclusion to help remove barriers to independence.

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  • Pilot - you have implemented your solution in a real-world scenario

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Paratransit service is crucial and the failure to show up or to provide effective service not only causes frustration but also adversely impact health appointments and employment for those individuals who are employed. Para-transit is an alternate mode of transportation, most often provided by minibuses, which provides door-to-door shared rides upon request by eligible users. Lack of enforcement is one of the biggest obstacles to realizing the goals of the ADA.

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Assignment Responsible party Establish Call Center and scheduling - Ray Smith Procure equipment (vehicles, computer network,…)- Ray Smith Maintain Vehicle Fleet and Training of Drivers Including DMV Regulations & Insurance requirements - Ray Smith Install and test the app mobility system - George Boben Initiate Mobility Services -Ray Smith Establish program guidelines - Wilfred Beal Implement via contracts - Wilfred Beal

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  • 2-10

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  • No

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  • Yes

Funding Request

  • $250,000

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2 Para-transit Accessible Mobility Vans (2 year Lease) $39,000 Insurance Policy & State Liability Requirements (2 year) $26,500 3 Drivers (Drivers work on a 7 hour shift 2 years) $110.000 1 Navya 9 Passenger Para-transit Autonomous Shuttle (3 Month Pilot) $75,000

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MOBILITY AS A SERVICE - including Autonomous Vehicles should be accessible. Mobility systems that are designed to meet the needs of people with mobility challenges will meet the needs of everyone. Most people with mobility challenges are not able to enjoy life to the fullest due to inadequate unreliable public transportation. To foster a more efficient reliable mode, IXR Mobility community shuttle services for medical appointments, grocery shopping and pharmacy visits to help the disabled, veterans and seniors improve community living. In the 21st Century, equity in transportation matters for people with mobility challenges. It is crucial to consider the needs of all individuals with disabilities especially those who have traditionally been left behind. Mobility transportation choices for people with disabilities are very limited. The ADA has led to major improvements in transit systems across the United States. However, there are persistent gaps in mobility as a service

Describe how you would measure the success of your pilot (1000 characters)

Universal Mobility as a Service: We believe that an integrated, connected, multi-­modal MaaS system provides the needed path to sustainable and equitable transportation for all people and communities. We must ensure that the world of new mobility does not take substantial value and profits out of local communities. Instead it must add value and improves citizens’ wellbeing. To do so, we need to challenge assumptions that the development of new mobility models will be proprietary Open Innovation: We believe in an open innovation model, that rewards sharing of information that serves others, even our competitors, and brings benefits to all. Global Community: We believe that by connecting coders, planners, activists, and policy-­makers through a global network, we are better equipped to tackle the toughest mobility and transport challenges. Local Benefit: We believe that our work must be grounded in its ability to demonstrate positive change for local communities.

Sustainability Plan (500 characters)

IXR Mobility is also incorporated as a Non Emergency Transportation Services and a provider under Michigan Health and Human Services which allow billing for serving low income persons. Also undergoing a partnership with the largest transportation network company in Michigan for additional billing opportunities under contract.

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Solutions for transportation gaps for people with disabilities


Demonstration on Inclusive Mobility for people with challenges


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 Hello Mackenzie, thanks for your interest in learning more about our Autonomous Paratransit Mobility Project. In partnership with Navya, a manufacturer of multi passenger Autonomous Electric Shuttles, in which we were awarded a Michigan Mobility Challenge Grant Pilot  to deploy the Autonomous Shuttle to service Seniors, and the Disabled users that reside within a 3 mile radius of the Detroit Medical Center.  The Shuttle would pickup and transport those individuals to and from their doctors visits, local pharmacy  and shopping who live in one of the 17 senior buildings  impacted area within the DMC Area. There is approximate 5 thousand community  residents to be served.  The cost per ride would be approximately $1.50-$2 ultimately.  The Autonomous Shuttle has a limitation based on the fixed route but there will be a connector van to assist along the route. The project is now awaiting on the upgrades of the traffic signal along the route by the City of Detroit Department of Public Works Traffic Division.  We would like to duplicate the project in the Train Station Impacted Area to help build trust in Autonomous Vehicles if awarded the opportunity.

If you have any additional questions please feel free.

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