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Ford Platform

Mobility Hub for Locals and Visitors Alike

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Today's traveler must trek across the I-94 corridor, queued in traffic, delayed by construction and weather, to arrive at Detroit Metro Airport.  Likewise, every visitor to the region must do the same.  Uniquely situation on a major rail line, Michigan Central Station stands as a potential gateway for every traveler through-, and visitor to this region.  Imagine millions of airport travelers boarding a train to arrive in the city in minutes, regardless of weather.  They would immediately be greeted by Ford Motor Company's most exciting developments, and have an opportunity to interact with Ford products as they proceed through the station.  

Upon arriving, individuals not local to the region may need a ride.  This is an opportunity for Ford to offer mobility solutions with short-term and long-term car rentals.  

And for those travelers not interested in keeping the keys to a car, they might take advantage of the driverless cars using a committed lane down Michigan Avenue, ushering them effortlessly into the downtown core.  A dedicated lane down the center of Michigan Avenue would negate the need for additional light rail, a la Q-Line.

Step 1:  Reactivate Michigan Central Station as a commuter rail platform, connecting to the Wolverine line with a spur to Detroit Metropolitan Airport

Step 2:  Furnish MCS galleries with exciting and interactive Ford products and updates

Step 3:  Offer mobility options to travelers to take advantage of short term and long term vehicle rentals

Step 4:  Work with City of Detroit leadership to establish a dedicated lane down Michigan Avenue with a staging area as close as possible to the Q Line

Funneling millions of travelers through the community can only serve to add to business, jobs, and growing home values.

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If I no longer have to hump down I-94 to go to the airport.

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Robert W. Lawson II  Thank you for posting your proposal! I am a Michigan Central Station Challenge facilitator. I think that it would be wonderful to have a connection from Detroit to the airport like most other major cities. I also like the idea of connecting MCS to downtown Detroit. What aspects of this idea would you start with in the pilot phase? What do you think that the cost breakdown will be? Looking forward to hearing more!