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$250K Detroit Winner Announced

Thanks to all who took part in the City:One Michigan Central Station Challenge. To keep in touch with the winning pilot projects progress please follow events on Twitter.

Meet our Winners:  

Mercy Education Project

Award: $85,000

To increase access to information, neighborhood foot traffic, options of various types of mobility, and to provide a safe location for mobility, we will create the Rock City Mobility Stations (RCMS). Each permanent mobility station will consist of an enclosed kiosk that will be equipped with the following components: a direct line to the Detroit Police Department, phone charging tower, interactive way finding signs and maps to communicate how far someone is from Michigan Central Station and Downtown Detroit, local restaurants, parking options, bus schedules, and other information the Southwest and Corktown neighborhoods would like to advertise to increase tourism and support their economy. Outside of the kiosk would be a central location for various modes of transportation. Bike share companies like MoGo could install a hub to drop off scooters and advertise them to be picked-up by riders. It could also act as a central location for automotive ride shares to pick-up and drop-off riders and residents to use as a park-n-ride location.


Bridging Histories, Building Futures

Award:  $90,000

Our solution for the bridge involves the installation of colorful public art commissioned from two Detroit born artists, Freddy Diaz and Donald Calloway, paired with street furniture and amenities. This will make the bridge more inviting for people using all modes of transportation, including pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. Our solution improves real and perceived safety and walkability of the Michigan Avenue Bridge over the Lodge Freeway in order to better connect Corktown and Southwest Detroit to Downtown Detroit.


AbleLink Smart Living Technologies

Award:  $75,000

The Michigan Central Station Pilot Project will lay the foundation for realizing the goals and objectives of making transportation more accessible to thousands of additional individuals with cognitive and other disabilities living in the Michigan Central Station metro area and beyond. Through the pilot, the Wayfinder infrastructure will be put in place and initial field testing of the WayFinder ecosystem will be conducted in the Detroit metro area, specifically in collaboration with the DDOT transit service. This project will lay the groundwork for widespread use of the system within Detroit and allow DDOT to offer a regionalized WayFinder app for Android or Apple smartphones/tablets to anyone needing that level of transportation support.

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