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This mobile app allows users to exchange skills and talents without any cash helping to create social capital and community development.

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Imagine an app that would allow your neighbor that is a roofer to be alerted that his skill could be utilized on his neighbor property that has a hole in their roof. After the roofing neighbor helps his neighbor he then puts in a request for a ride to the barber shop which is fulfilled by another neighbor that is willing to donate that skill. This bartering concept really helps us to understand the value of working together and loving each other. Shaing Skills not only help those around you to know what talents you possess but it also shows your willingness to give back to the community. 

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Hey Korey Batey thanks for sharing this app! This does sound like a platform to help people move up in social mobility. Any thoughts, experiences, or further explanation you can give us as to how this can address other modes of mobility? (Specifically surrounding mobility of people from point A to point B?)