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Walking Around

Some ideas on ways to make navigating around Corktown easier and more enjoyable

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When working in Corktown we walk a lot. Whether its an afternoon walk with coworkers or the quick walk across the street from the parking lot. Often a few coworkers and I will take a quick walk around the neighborhood to get some sun and fresh air. I love that we are surrounded by so many restaurants to grab a quick bite or a coffee in the afternoon! I love walking around and find that there are new places that can be discovered everyday! A lot of people don't know about all of the different restaurants and cafes that can be walked to in Corktown. It would be great if there were maps, signs or better paved walking paths to help people get to these restaurants. This would help people navigate and understand all of the different places that they can go. Also, little accents such as Corktown lamp post signs, flowers/landscaping, street signs and other things that allow people to know that they are still in the downtown area. I've attached some examples of how this is done in other cities.

There are not enough ways to cross Michigan Ave. which results in a lot of people J-walking.  This happens a lot when walking into work.  The only cross walk close to TFAC is the Rosa Parks and Michigan cross walk. This cross walk takes a long time to turn and when it does it is very short. I often find myself running to cross in time and vehicles passing or waiting to turn will sometimes beep at me if I am not fast enough. This makes me dread my walk into work knowing that it'll add 5+ minutes to my day which is inconvenient, especially, if I am rushing to get to a meeting. Also, if you are on a WebEx call and walking outside you must mute yourself for a long period of time or else thee will be a lot of background noise picked up. A sky walk to cross Michigan Ave. or  another cross walk farther away from the busy intersection would be beneficial. 

 Another issue I sometimes face is when I am looking for parking. I will turn into the TFAC lot and look for a spot. When in the TFAC lot it is one way and if I make a mistake to turn toward Rosa Parks in the lot and if the spots are full the gates will not open! This makes me have to back up and try to navigate out of the parking lot. When I exit the parking lot after the spots are full I must go across the street to the lot. There is not an easy way to get across.  Currently, I must turn onto Vermont street and try to clear all of Michigan Ave.  to the parking lot directly across. This can be dangerous and hard to do if it is busy.  Many employees will choose not to park in the secured lots across the street as well which has resulted in theft in the past. To solve this an additional closer lot in the rear of the building would be great. This would allow employees to park closer to the building and  not have to cross the busy road (Michigan Ave.). 

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Heather Raymor  Hi Heather! Thank you for your post! I am a Michigan Central Station facilitator. We have heard a lot about the problems of crossing Michigan Ave. and parking in the area. It seems like something must be done about this. Also, Cork Town definitely has room to be more pedestrian friendly and an improved environment might encourage more people to walk!

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