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Vehicle size rethinking

If only one person is taking the train. Why does he need his big 8 passanger SUV. Unless he is comming home with 7 other passangers.

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Michigan Central Station

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I just want to encourage the consideration of a simple rental a car/unit. That both saves him/her money, decreasing stress and allowing all or a part of the parking area to be more like a motorcycle parking lot. Allowing many more people to use the statipn. By getting to it in a sporty compact vehicle. Whether that's a motorcycle, scooter, or a new idea. Such as a compact inline go-kart with roof design.

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Hi Robert! I'm interested to know where you have observed overcrowding in parking lots? Where are people taking the train? Are these people leaving their car parked for long periods of time or just during the day? It is definitely wasteful to have such large vehicles for only one person! How far do these people usually have to drive to get to the train station?

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I can not say for your parking lot, but many parking lots. Since i have been a passager for many years now. I often see the one person get out and come back for enough of a small front trunk. Or only enough to fit in a second seat/storage area. Imagine how many more people could be at the station,with adult PowerWheel like units with thoughtful designs.

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Interesting! It sounds like parking lot congestion is a big concern in a lot of places. It sounds like one issue is that people have to drive themselves to a train station in order to take public transportation. What if we could eliminate people's need to drive personal vehicles to get to train stations, bus stations, city centers, etc.?

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Not eliminate but refresh. Like have it so people with motorized wheelchairs or scooters could. R rent a RCU and take their RCU to a designed train section. 'All aboard 'be said by the conductor and those with motor skill struggles have a section they are scanned and load right on easier.

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Robert P Tweed  I definitely suggest sticking around for the propose phase and joining some of our community working sessions to extend this conversation! Transportation by train is not as common of a form of transportation in Detroit, but there are many other forms of transportation that could be adapted for those with motor skill struggles. Your contributions would be very valued!

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Well do to the struggles i can't get work. So I would be blown away if a a systemlike mine was able to bring those that have no car, no job but want make a difference. I don't suppose you could ask the Lead personel if the poor can really have a chance. Or if my dream can't be. When i have the skill to do several things but because of the way i have to physically make a chair, or shelf, or carve a design on a cabinet. Society deems me unfit to work.