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Two Grand Belts

As a member of a family with a 60+ year residency in the Chadsey-Condon neighborhood, these are my two cents.

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Michigan Central Station

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1) the Grand Belts, which would be  two BRT express routes to connect the communities of Corktown (MCS), Chadsey, Condon, Midwest, Woodbridge, LaSalle, Henry Ford Medical Center, etc and should be run 1), from MCS on Michigan west to Livernois Ave, then on Livernois Ave north to Warren Avenue, then east on Warren Ave to the Lodge, and then south on the Lodge back to Michigan, and back west to the MCS, and 2) from the MCS west along Michigan to Livernois Ave, then north on Livernois Ave to Tireman Avenue, then east along Tireman Avenue which then joins West Grand Blvd at the Jeffries Freeway, continuing west along West Grand Blvd to the Lodge, and then south on the Lodge to Michigan, and then west to the MCS;

2) a commuter from MCS to Ann Arbor; and 

3) a high speed bullet train from Toronto to Detroit (MCS), and on to Chicago.

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Amtrak is currently considering a revival of international rail passenger service via the nearby 1910 Detroit River Tunnel, through the inauguration of a new Chicago / Detroit (MCS) / Windsor / Toronto passenger train.
West of Town Line Junction in Dearborn, MDOT's Michigan Line (the route of Amtrak's Pontiac / Chicago WOLVERINE) is being upgraded to enable 110-mph speeds. West of Kalamazoo and east of Porter IN, the Amtrak-owned (since 1976) segment of the WOLVERINE route has featured 110-mph service for more than five years.
Indiana and Illinois are reportedly working to increase speeds between Porter and Chicago's beutifully-restored Union Station.
A question remains about the route between Windsor ON and Toronto. VIA RAIL passenger trains use the Canadian National Railway (CN) mainline, which terminates at a new station on Windsor's north side. The Detroit River Tunnel (controlled by Canadian Pacific Railway) tracks connect with the CP mainline on Windsor's south side.
Amtrak's last westbound NIAGARA RAINBOW arrived at Detroit's Michigan Central Station (MCS) on January 31, 1979, via the tunnel. The NIAGARA RAINBOW was the last passenger train running between MCS and Buffalo Central Terminal (BCT). There won't be any more -- that southern Ontario mainline (known by railroaders as "the Speedway") has been scrapped.