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Traveling to downtown Detroit as I live close enough to watch fireworks from my home

I live in a community near downtown Detroit and the commute there is...interesting. There is no direct route to downtown Detroit.

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Michigan Central Station

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Instead of a direct bus route to downtown Detroit (via the Vernor, Fort, or Michigan Ave. buses) there is none that take us directly to downtown Detroit. Instead, we are all routed to the Transit Center and that is problematic for several reasons: (1) Once there the connecting bus may take some time so if you are young and healthy, you simply walk the three or four blocks over to the downtown area. From there more walking may be involved. Ditto if disability, elderly, or in any way impaired. (2) The Transit Center is loud and unclean. It can be hectic and it is unclear where your connecting bus is without going inside the Center. Once inside the Center, you have to find someone at the "information desk" located at the back of the facility. (3) There should be an option for a straight direct route to downtown Detroit within a 3-5 mi radius because it is highly likely anyone traveling in that direction from this short distance is headed downtown.

I live within 3 miles. I take a bus and walk, ride a bike, drive my car nearby and walk, or take a bus and get on the People Mover the rest of the way. If I drive downtown (which I do not do due to high parking costs) it takes me 5 minutes to get downtown.  However these routes take me anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to get 5 minutes away.  I think that's ridiculous, don't you?

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Alina J Johnson  Thank you so much for posting! I am a Michigan Central Station Challenge facilitator. It is great to hear personal experiences from people in the Detroit area. It sounds like you have observed that the majority of demand in transportation in your area is to the downtown area of Detroit. I have definitely heard a lot of feedback about how the public transportation system in Detroit is confusing and inconvenient for all types of riders. I really encourage you to stick around for the Propose Phase of the project to work on proposing some solutions to this problem.

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