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Transportation and Environmental Hub

Vision for Corktown as transportation and environmental regional hub

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Michigan Central Station

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Corktown was historically a transportation hub. This theme should continue in the development of the neighborhood. Multimodal transportation options could be provided to residents of the neighborhood and those that work therein. 

Updates could be (examples below):

Simple - Protected bus shelters for cold Michigan winters, electric scooter racks, and electric vehicle charging units; 

Moderate - Light rail to downtown Detroit which connects to the Q Line along Michigan Avenue (the road's width could be put to better use); or

Complex (e.g. regional rail connecting Toronto<>Detroit (DTW) <>Chicago).

With such development, not-only could the neighborhood become a global symbol for a multimodal transportation future, but also increase the likely hood for economic growth (see:  

The neighborhood also has the opportunity to become a "central station" to the larger natural environment. The neighborhoods empty lots and abandoned streets could be stitched together to promote native plants and animals. See image of Seattle's Urban forest (attached) as an example. This green belt could promote sustainable living and CO2 reduction (see: 

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What about also incorporating a vehicle that can increase a persons health. While they get to there destination.
Such a this use of our mind:

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