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Traffic Circle and The Great Migration Monument

1) A large traffic circle for the intersection of Michigan Ave and 14th St. 2) A statue/fountain in honor of The Great Migration north

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Michigan Central Station

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1) Traffic Circle and Realignment

Realign or even remove Vernor Hwy through Roosevelt Park. Make it less confusing when approaching the train station. It would involve widening 14th St and 16th St and better aligning them with Vernor, Lacombe, 15th St, and Dalzelle. A large traffic circle would encroach into Roosevelt Park and allow for ingress/egress for 14th St, Michigan Ave, and the Fisher Freeway entrance. 

2) Traffic Circle Park and Great Migration Monument

Within the traffic circle would be a pedestrian park that would contain wide street crossing areas. The pinnacle of the park would contain a monument (artist TBD) to the Great Migration from the south to Detroit for the abundance of manufacturing jobs that would eventually create a middle class for all who came. Many of whom arrived through the doors of our great train station. 

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Hey Tommy Perry thanks for your input. I'm Alex, part of the City:One facilitation team for the Michigan Central Station Challenge. This idea is really interesting and has quite a bit of infrastructural work alongside it. What kinds of opportunities do you think this would provide for the MCS area? Also, how might this create a bigger impact throughout the Corktown neighborhood?