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subsidize electric bike purchases for the use of everyone in the community

residents could purchase an e-bike/cargobike and register it in a community sharing scheme in exchange for a (sliding-scale?) subsidy

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Michigan Central Station

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Here's the website for a similar idea in Vienna which inspired this suggestion => 

Vienna subsidizes e-cargobike purchases by residents:


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Hi James, I am a Michigan Central Station Challenge facilitator. Thank you so much for posting! This seems like a very interesting idea. How do you envision that the bikes would serve the citizens of Detroit? Would they be used for commuting? Errands? Exercise? I am excited to hear more!

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Hey james mcbroom sounds like a cool idea! I'm also a facilitator with Mackenzie. I was also wondering what sort of infrastructure update you had in mind for e-bikes. Even if e-bikes were to be purchased for residents of a certain community, would you like to see something like an e-bike charging station (placed in certain areas along the way to a destination), or rather inside the home?

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Boratha Tan  james mcbroom  Great questions, Boratha! And to add to that, how could we make the city as safe and convenient as possible for bikers? More bike lanes? Dividers between bikes and other traffic to keep bikers safe? Bike repair stations? Covered and locked bike parking? Renewable sources for charging? I'm excited to hear more!