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Sensation Paths - Creative Sidewalks and Walkways

What do you think about creative and innovative walkways and sidewalks than just plain concrete?

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Well, so most are curious, what is a sensation path? It's technically like a walkway dedicated to barefooting, which is something that can be innovated for better health with its 50+ health benefits: https: // shoes /

It can bring up some assumptions, but it is actually a healthy innovation once you get a better understanding of barefooting like in the Prezi link I left above for you to check if you have not done so already. I even found out that they are common to be found in some European countries since they have some public barefooting parks for people to explore and innovate with nature:

So, whether as a new attraction at a science museum (what would I personally like to see) or an addition (or replacement) to the new sidewalk pathways, or even as something? to the front of their house, would not it be more innovative or at least creative to have something more than just regular slaps of concrete everywhere?

Besides, for those who love going / being barefoot, some of the floorings you can choose for the path, like synthetic grass or wood or even there, are technically not going to really become hotter when in hot weather unlike cemented concrete in the summer time .

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Hello Lew! Thank you for posting! I am a Michigan Central Station Challenge facilitator. This is a unique concept that I had not heard of before. Very interesting! How would the citizens of Detroit most benefit from a sensation path? Who do you think would benefit the most? Would it be something that they experienced every day or only from time to time? I'm eager to hear more :)

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Hello Mackenzie Fankell - You are very welcome for posting. Nice that you like the concept. Well, I think it can benefit who those who at least walk often more than drive or walk, but for if creating it in a park or science museum, it is at least making the place more creative for those who enjoy or even relax in places like that. It can be from time to time for those who like going to parks and science museums, but it can be an everyday thing for those who want to create their own in their front or backyard. It is going to take some time to explain everything at the moment, but it will be a lot of detail with regards to this topic.

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Lew Sterling  It sounds like you have a lot to say regarding this topic! It would be great if you could attend one of the community working sessions in July (Keep you eye out for information on time and place on this website). It would be great to dig deeper into this idea and understand how it could benefit the community around the Michigan Central Station.

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Mackenzie Fankell - Yeah; I do have a lot to say with regards to this topic and finally got a notebook to express my writing for this topic to make it easier for myself. I am not sure if I am able to attend one of the in-person community working sessions, but that is definitely something I will keep in mind when it comes to working and updating content. I am going to do my best to dig deeper into this idea and explaining it more so others can get a better understanding of this topic towards not only the Michigan Central Station, but other communities for the City:OneChallenge as well.

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Mackenzie Fankell - When you have the free time, please feel free and ask any questions about sensation paths? I ask since I am creating a document explaining as much with regards to sensation paths as a proposal.

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Lew Sterling Hello! Thank you for the note! I would definitely be interested in knowing more about how you think the sensation paths match the challenge question: "How might we improve mobility for residents, workers, and visitors of the Michigan Central Station Impact Area today while also preparing for the future of the area?". Take a look at the opportunity areas at the following link. Which area do you think that you want to focus on? Or maybe you want to come up with your own area of focus. It's exciting that you are writing a proposal! Best of luck!