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Can we ask how many people see a design actually help very overweight, mobility challenged, those born with high potential. I want to help.

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Lets stop pretending everything is right. As i have needed physical help for years. And it be denied by a society based on themselves and greed. I am in this challenge to help set things right.

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Workas a team to be healthy for life.

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Hi Robert, I also found a vehicle like the elf that can get up to highway speed. I call it an upgraded elf. It's a RAHT racer from Kronfeld Motors. It cost approximately $24,000. I hope this information helps you with your challenge. I'll continue to look for vehicles that may fit your needs. Thank you for allowing me to assist you with your challenge.

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I'm to poor. And family wouldn't help me get something like that :( Thanks for your kindness in trying help. Stay well.

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Thank you for allowing me to assist you with your challenge. It seems that you're rejecting every suggestion I have to assist you. I'm running out of ideas. I cant collaborate with you if you're not interested in at least one of my ideas that are closest to yours, so we can move forward and create you dream mobility vehicle. At this point I don't know what else to do. You are a great guy. I hope you find what you need for your challenge. Best wishes!...liz

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I have rejected nothing, i do clearly state that my design is not their design. When a person is poor and also has a physical handicap. It would be nice of society to consider that. My talents are what is being rejected by many. They look at me and my skills, see i have to walk with a wheeled walker and find someone that can stand normal.
My idea is yes similar to those designs you've suggested and i appreciate your help. Mine will use custom alluminum frame and driver cage. Wing doors that open vertically. A dual chained connection to my rear wheels. It will use a 12 speed geared cassete. Ball beared inner seals for smooth transition of the wheels. Like making a 12speed bicycle able to be driven by those in a wheelchair. They place themselves in a comfortable swivaling seat with U-shaped head rest. And can chose to consider what if I could pedal again. Then i could get around, regardless of another person and be completely safe. It is your call if you wish to see the clear different styles between my ideas and the RAHT and Elf. Thy both were shownwn with healthy adults getting in. Mine is for those that need the assistance to get healthy again. A reflection on my whole genetic disorder that needs the right design.