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Riding through Corktown

Two of my most recent trips through Corktown were on a bicycle built largely from 1890s technology.

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Michigan Central Station

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Bicycles are simple, healthy, inexpensive and green modes of travel. The high points were when there were no cars around me, just other bicyclists. The low points would be stopping at traffic lights and sharing road space with motor vehicles.

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Hi Todd, Thanks for your post! I am a Michigan Central Station Challenge facilitator. I also love to bike! It sounds like you are interested in making Detroit more bike friendly. What attributes do you think make a city the most attractive to bikers? If you were to have the freedom to change three things in Detroit to make it more bike-centric, where would you start?

You might also like to chat with James about his idea of subsidizing electric bikes to see how your ideas might be similar or different.