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(RCU)Rapid Commuter Unit

A redesigned motorized wheel chair with options for physical therapy to get you to your next stop.

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A correctly designed motorized wheelchair with roof and a cycling attachment connected to the drivetrain to allow some added exercise when desired. Boosting the drivers self-esteem, and joy. While also causing physical changes in their body, making them stronger and healthier.

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Hi Robert! I see you post a lot of great ideas for wheelchairs. This cycling idea is intriguing. What type of physical exercises would benefit you the most? Have you observed other people who have similar needs?

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For my Neorological issues to be addressed best. I need a GoCart/mobile cycling unit that has optional motor assistant power. I have very high arches and hammertoes so my walking is very irregular and i require a rollader. I do not know if i will ever run, but with this idea. I know it is possible. I have seem people with cerebral palsy and friends i grew up with in wheelchairs. So i am one of the people that will also be blessed by this design. Ask me if you need any further info.

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Hey Robert P Tweed thanks for sharing your experiences with us! Your RCU design idea definitely sounds like a hybrid-like powertrain! Mackenzie and I are facilitators of the City:One Challenge. I do have an additional question. I was wondering what the operation time on motorized wheelchairs are. This could lead into: do we want to see recharging hubs for RCUs, do we need to improve sidewalks/curbs for better street crossing, etc. Just trying to keep the ideas moving!

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What i have read online was 8hours. With the cycling mechanism starting an ever spining flywheel of sorts energy would be automatically restore by the cycling of the unit. And i thank you for your support. My words may not convey the picture. I plan to use. OnShape web design/ configuration. Multiple people can be speeding the design with that. As i am doing my best to be part of a team that would help several people sizes from a husky 175lb man that has an irregular gate to the tall 7'4" 600lb person.
An yes the sidewalks design would be redesigned some with RCU. I have seen many places have an almost selective sidwalk or no sidewalk. Where the person either walks in the road or on the persons flowerbed.