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Preserve and Modernize Brick Pavers on Michigan Ave

We can apply modern, transparent smoothness over the brick road on Michigan Ave to enhance mobility and preserve history and beauty!!

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Michigan Central Station

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The brick road sections on Michigan Ave that connect Corktown to Downtown are fraught with mobility issues, but they are so full of history and beauty that we need to take an intentional approach to modernizing them. 

The primary issues we can solve are as follows: 

  1.  Uneven streets pose danger to pedestrians with instability, vertigo, or back and neck injuries. 
  2. Uneven streets make bike, scooter and car travel perilous between downtown and Corktown. 
  3. Brick paver beauty isn’t permanent and replacing it with regular asphalt is lame!

How can we solve this?!

We can be the first city in the world to innovate and create a clear paving or sealant that goes atop uneven brick pavers to create the asphalt-like functionality but preserve the strength and beauty of bricks beneath. 

Detroit was the first city to pave streets (think Woodward Ave!), and we will be the first city to experiment with acrylic glass, epoxy, and/or resin to create this sealant to pave over the bricks and provide a smooth ride for our citizens and our workers. 

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Hey Adam Krahn thanks for adding your contribution. I'm Alex, one of the City:One Facilitators for the Michigan Central Station Challenge. Do you have ideas for developing this epoxy? Or who might you work with to create such a product. It might be interesting to explore what other cities have done to preserve their brick lined streets. Do you know of any other methods?