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"helping residents overcome physical, emotional, or social barriers to transportation"

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Michigan Central Station

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One of your categories is "helping residents overcome physical, emotional, or social barriers to transportation".  Can you explain the demographics of this area and what challenges the city perceives to this neighborhood has?

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Good afternoon annie young , thanks for asking this very important question! Our City:One team has hosted community work sessions throughout the past few weeks, and we have constantly worked to better describe the demographics and opportunity areas in this area (and it also applies to the entire city). If you have time, check it out.

To answer your question briefly, there are people of many backgrounds in this area: those that rely on public transportation, those that choose to forgo car ownership due to its expensive upkeep (car payments, insurance, etc.), those that have an age or disability factor to mobility... this specific target area has a mix of commercial and residential uses. As you can see in some of the insights from others, roads are not well maintained, public transit can become an issue with on-time arrivals, weather fluctuations, etc. Again, please come out to the community session to get first-hand knowledge!