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Parking, Accessibility of Sidewalks

-Better, closer parking (vertical, if need be) -More, better maintained sidewalks

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Michigan Central Station

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Having worked in the area for over a year, a few experiences/thoughts about how accessibility in the area can be improved.

-Parking. For as much as we want to explore non-motorized ways of getting around, realistically many might be going to/from places beyond the community and it's extremely difficult to do so without a car. As such, there needs to be better parking options. Currently the secured/sanctioned parking lot is a lengthy walk and takes up a huge footprint. This is a common theme in SE MI, and as density increases, we need to rethink this and investigate more vertical parking solutions, e.g. multi-level parking areas (garages), even 2-3 levels would help reduce the footprint without drastically transforming the landscape and could help alleviate the inconvenience and issues of needing to walk multiple blocks in inclement weather, walking additional blocks just to get to a proper crosswalk, or curbing illegal parking.

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Muriel Payan  Hi Muriel! Thank you for the post. I am a Michigan Central Station challenge facilitator. It sounds like the conditions for walking in Detroit are not ideal. Sidewalks are not in top condition, and cross walks are not convenient. In addition, it sounds like land use for parking is limited. What areas do you think are in the most need of additional parking? What other issues to mobility do you see?