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non car transit

Trials of being a non car in corktown

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Michigan Central Station

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Michigan Avenue is a treacherous street to cross unless you are in a car. As a ped it is a game of high stakes Frogger unless you are at a crosswalk which a. are very far apart b. take a long time to turn to white walk signal. In terms of alternative transit, biking and scootering (micro-mobility) can be difficult on the central artery (Michigan Avenue) because it is brick and very car busy. There are nice back streets but no clear signage/ bike lanes/ info to lead folks to those. In the interim, it would help to know where peds and alt mobility can safely navigate the neighborhood. Finally, the train station creates a barrier to its southern portion where fantastic 'Mexicantown' businesses exist. It would be great to open this up somehow and push people to the southern portions of the neighborhood where the likes of Honeybee Market and others reside. That's all I've got for now, best of luck thanks for working on this!

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Andrew Fons Thank you so much for your post! I am a Michigan Central Station Challenge facilitator. Thank you for posting first-hand knowledge of the issues that you are aware of for mobility in Detroit. These are very valuable!

Quite a few participants have mentioned the difficulty of crossing Michigan Avenue. I encourage you to reach out to one another to continue to talk about experiences that you have had or problems that you have witnessed. The more information that we can collect, the better! - Brian Nash - Julianna Tschirhart
- Annette Karas 

Here is an additional call for easier navigation by bike: - Todd Scott