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Nodes and Connectors

An easy and low cost autonomous vehicles and transit strategy

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Michigan Central Station

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Deploy a fleet of of callable autonomous vehicles, serving a neighborhood (a smallish, cogent district).  Transport individuals from their house to connector points on major arteries, where they can transfer to electric buses, to take them to destinations or other connectors.  

Imagine: I want to go to the Detroit Institute of Arts, and I live in Hubbard Farms.  I text the car, it arrives at my front door.  I get in the car and it takes me to Michigan, where I catch the connector running every five minutes to the Woodward connector, which takes me to my destination

I hold my phone over the reader and each point, and automatically pay $.50 for the nodesnd $1.00 for each 2 miles for the connector.  

Door to door service, no parking parking hassles, and the opportunity to use a node to go to specific address.

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Hi Shaun Nethercott I am a facilitator with the City:One team. I know that some other contributors have mentioned autonomous cars, and thank you for providing a more detailed approach as to how autonomous vehicles can be used. I do have a couple of questions. What experiences have you had in the city that led to your decision to write about autonomous vehicles? (Is it the current way that you are traveling around the city, the traffic, etc.?)