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More Stores Should Imply "The Aldi's Effect"

There's nothing wrong with a quarter in the cart.

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I am not sure about you who are reading this, but I am still not a fond of shopping carts being placed outside the store in other parking spots (like outside Walmart and Whole Foods Market) and even on the sides of the streets or store walkways to the point where some even steal them or place shopping carts in other stores' general area (like in some decent-sized plazas with multiple stores that have carts eg. a Publix shopping cart outside Walgreens).

So, when it comes to Aldi's, I know that you must put a quarter in the right-hand side of the shopping cart so you can freely use it while you are in the store along with the fact that you have to put the shopping cart back to where it rightfully belongs. I honestly think every store should do this method for when they have shopping carts. Also, if anyone tried to steal a shopping cart, then you can't get their quarter back due to the mechanism in the top-right of the shopping cart. This would also have time for the "cart boys" that work for the store for all they have to do, for the store that have the mini shopping cart sections (the ones located in between parking spaces) and they would have the do is get the end cart, put a quarter in, haul the whole row carts to the inside, clip and get their quarter back as well. People should put the carts where they rightfully found it.

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This is an interesting observation. Would it be safe to assume that people use shopping carts as modes of mobility? If you go grocery shopping and you walk, (use bike share or a scooter) how to you then get your groceries back? You need the cart. Carts are taken for other reasons of moving around but I'd be interested in thinking about this as a mobility issue. For those close enough to walk but that don't have the ability to then use the same method to commute with shopping bags.

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Nice that you like this proposal. Well, this is more referring to the mobility of a grocery store's or supermarket's parking lot. When it comes to being on bikes or scooters, I commonly use my backpack, to be honest, since it's a laptop backpack. People should respectivefully placing them back where they got them. If you take a cart outside the parking lot, then that technically should be count as theft.

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