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Mobility awareness

What are my options, how do I find them and how do they work.

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The first hurdle for me is just awareness. How do I get around sure I know there are buses, scooters or Uber but what else is there. Which one works best for were I want to go? Or what are all of the options above the ones I mentioned. After awareness how do these options work. Do I need to download an app? Are they free or do I need cash or credit card. Are there limitations on where I can take scooter. Call me lazy but I do not want to get on the bus website or a scooter website to answer all of these questions. I have somewhere I want to travel and I would like awareness on my options to get there and what I need to use these solutions. This should be easy by the way otherwise I will just walk or hop in my car.

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All of thoses options help to contribute to solving Detroit's major issue... Moving about. What we have here is talented people and land so creating innovative ways bring the two together will increase the sustainability of any project. I am happy with the city's aggressive move to create more private roads for walkers and bikers but how does that reach the local communities so that residents can fill those jobs that are coming?

More options to travel and more vehicles to getting there can all be accomplished through communication and planning.

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