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I want to see mobility technology with an eye towards slowing down or stopping climate change.

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Michigan Central Station

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I live in Southwest Detroit, easily one of the most heavily polluted areas in Michigan. We are surrounded by reasons why the auto industry was bad for humans and planet. As a fourth generation Ford Family, I’d really like to see Ford go the distance to responsibly source materials, look at carbon footprints of manufacturing new mobility technology, and creat sustainable designs that really alter the way we think about personal transportation. I couldn’t give two you know whats about self-driving cars - public transportation could have been that for Detroit as it is for all major cities worldwide. Will Ford be creating a green building that is the birthplace of cars that don’t worsen the rapidly changing climate? Will they be working with community members to create a neighborhood that can have a symbiotic yet mutually beneficial relationship? Will they encourage workers to live near where they work, by whatever means makes sense? Will they promote the environmental benefits of public transportation? Will they make the train station a hub for catching sustainable modes of transportation? Will they make vehicles that are not hyper-dependent on computers that will fail within 5 years? My plug-in hybrid CMax is having critical battery/radio issues that are caused by the computer system and it is only 5 years old. I’m looking at a huge battery replacement cost that is not covered by warranty, and as much as I want to invest in carbon-reducing vehicles, I have to consider affordability too. Please make Ford the company that produces mobility options that are affordable for working class families again. Please don’t ruin my neighborhood. I love living here because it is filled with working class people who care deeply about where they live and their children. If it’s just a bunch of hipsters and rich families, it would really alter the fabric of the neighborhood. Will you commit to hiring locally?


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I did propose something here that might fit your parameters - a Michigan Avenue Subway. ( I think the demise of rail transportation - which I believe is the most useful and underutilized public mode (though I WOULD - being a railfan foamer nonpereil) is way out of proportion viewing it's potential worth against other public means, now and in the future. The Light Rail business that has been promoted is a poor substitute for some of the planning and building that was going on in the first half of the 20th Century, and it seems to me is more a very expensive nuisance than an honest attempt at getting a useful passenger rail application. Really useful passenger rail is something that needs to be emphasized, if it can be done efficiently (cheaply) which I believe it can.

On the other hand, I don't think the demise of rail resulted directly from the success of cars or airplanes as most authorities will tell you. It was more an internal thing.

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