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Mobile workplace

I would like to start a mobile workplace company for one for colleges and one for general working companies around the city.

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Michigan Central Station

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The shuttle would be a hybrid shuttle  have a solar panel and 6 small wind turbines be wheelchair accessible and have 2 group tables in the back and private window facing small desk and wheelchair access in the front. There will be usb and outlets and seatbelts in every station. Passengers will have multiple paying options with monthly and weekly passes online pay of ride and/or the combination of WiFi use, there will also be a cash option of hourly rides and WiFi. 

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Hi goldenn blacc Thank you for posting! I am a Michigan Central Station Challenge facilitator. It sounds like you have an idea for a shuttle that is fully equipped to allow passengers to work while they ride. Would the passengers use the shuttle to commute to a school or workplace? Or does the shuttle itself act as a workplace for people who don't have an office? I am interested to hear more!