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Michigan Central Station Comes to Life

A historic tour/shuttle that takes people from restaurants to station and back to parking.

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Michigan Central Station

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Hello Cynthia and thanks for your input. I'm Chris, part of the City:One facilitation team for the Michigan Central Station Challenge. This is an interesting idea! Are there any specific historic spots you believe would be captivating for a historic tour? Could there be opportunities to create a multi-modal tour including shuttles, bikes and pedestrian paths?

In the past I've worked with The Salvation Army on their Bed and Bread Trucks - where they canvas large swaths of Detroit to deliver food directly to those in need. I found the experience moving - and was one of the most in-depth, up-close looks at Detroit I've experienced. I've always wondered if there was a way to partner tours of Detroit with philanthropic outreach. Perhaps there is a way a historic tour could be leveraged to also benefit those in need in the community?