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Michigan Ave Mobility

Improving the pedestrian experience.

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Michigan Central Station

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I frequently ride public transit on Michigan Ave to reach Corktown, Mexicantown, Dearborn and DTW Airport. My idea to improve the mobility experience in the Corktown / Michigan Central Station area is by adding new high tech bus shelters with smart screens for bus tracking and wayfinding information. There are currently zero transit shelters in this area and wayfinding is lacking. These new shelters would could be utilized by transit riders, people hailing Uber, Lyft and future Ford autonomous vehicles. These shelters would display bus arrival information on their interactive display screens as well as much needed wayfinding information about local attractions and events. They would be lit by LED and have USB charging ports. 

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Hello David, I love Detroit you're spot on. Our main transit center here in Indianapolis (the Julia Carson transit Center)has all the features you mentioned and more. We're installing transportation platforms throughout the city on current bus routes for our new electric buses to pick up and drop off passengers. The buses will run more frequently and these platforms will have a lot of the amenities you mentioned ensuing all our passengers get to their destinations on time. I like your idea. I think it's great. Security is always a challenge in centers like this, and at bus stops in certain areas, so Indygo convienently and stategicly place it across the street from our city county building (main police station)downtown. I can take pictures of our center and give you details on the amenities if you like to help you with your idea....liz

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Hi Elizabeth, I'm excited to hear about the progress in Indy. I love that city. I would be interested in seeing what you are up to. Please email me at giffordd @ outlook thank you!

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Hello David, I'm excited about the possibility of transit centers and shelters being built throughout Detroit with all the amenities that make a passengers commute as seamless as possible. Thank you for allowing me to share your idea and showcase indianapolis's mobility solutions as well.

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