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Meanwhile in Eastern Europe;

Questions: Can we identify parallel paths from these pictures? Can we transform current transit tech to more innovative takeovers?

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Michigan Central Station

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Full disclosure:

There is a city in Latvia that seems to be breaking through conventional barriers in multiple facets. 

The city plans to have a color mapping on its’ paved streets in conjunction with its’ modal color signage across the city. 

They also look to be throwing out the idea that the car is first/owed the most space, while every other transit mode is secondary. Interestingly, Michigan Ave has enough space for a version of this to happen.

Lastly, they’ve creatively introduced active mobility products that carry more than one person or heavy items.

See pictures within this post while you read; more to come on this.

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Alex McDonnell Thank you for your post! I am a Michigan Central Station Challenge facilitator. This is a very interesting picture of how different modes of transportation can come together! What issues have you observed today around Detroit and particularly around Michigan Avenue that could benefit from a solutions similar to this one? I'm excited to hear more!

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@Mackenzie Fankell

Thank you for your response to my post. I see potential benefits specific to Michigan Ave by implementing a EV short-ride Bus sharing transit mode & also an intuitive neighborhood color mapping of transit modes which could connect to current technologies that support travel time efficiencies. I commented on a post yesterday where I describe a few similar ideas as I do here (below).

The Peddle Bike Trolleys;
These companies that operate and spread throughout the Corktown and Downtown Detroit areas have virtuously zero routes established. However, there is some level of repetition to their madness. I am fairly certain the trolly businesses are paid out a lump sum annual amount by the bars/restaurants whom actively seek the trolley riders business. I bring this up with in purpose.

The most creative minds work in such ways that they’re able to transform two or more ideas/problems/issues into just one sole output. We should deviate from a point that exists now and make it better.

Short range EV Bus routes can replicate trolley routes (travel anywhere), or on-the-other-hand operate through standardized color mapped business loop routes which come to fruition by those riders signing up on regular charters. The city could work alongside Ford and trolley businesses to establish routes down busy, wider streets that connect different neighborhoods to each other. If our streets held symbolic content that you are able to see and even feel along the entire path you travel - then maybe users of these unique paths would feel that the different neighborhoods around Detroit/Corktown are more connected; should they span across the many areas of Detroit. All modes could be spawning from Michigan Central Station.

How I see it, if you’re riding a bike down Michigan Avenue on a green colored path, and that green colored path offers you to turn right across I-75 into North Corktown and the route takes you all the way to New Center....I would feel my whole route was connected.

More specifically,
Imagine if Whole Foods sponsored a route to pick up loyal customers to go shopping at their store; (could even be a color specific EV bus that Whole Foods develops) allowing residents to sign up in advance at a rate of let’s say 3x a month. You could even pick who you go with on bus trips to and from Whole Foods. Customers would be able to pick what time of the day that works best for them.

The local commercial businesses and government networks hold value in getting involved to advance mobility solutions. Could we see ideas populate for Whole foods/Belle Isle/MCS/DIA? I think so

Thank you and I apologize for the long-winded response lol.