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Mass Transit (Chicago)

Visited Chicago traveling by SUV, L-Train, Subway. Detroit needs a mass transit system much like Chicago with MCS as central hub.

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Michigan Central Station

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The Detroit People Mover and Q-Line are inner city mass transit systems but they are limited in scope and need to mature toward a mass transit systems that broaden mobility beyond Detroit to the suburbs much like the L-System in Chicago.  Mobility increases prosperity and those who prosper desire freedom mobility has to offer in order to increase economic freedoms and standing.  Mass transit is not a threat to the automotive industry.  Mass transit is a means to enable people who cannot yet afford their own vehicle to find better paying jobs farther away from home and thus with better income opportunities can afford to purchase their own vehicle to enjoy the open road.  The MCS can be the hub of this transportation hub.  The mass transit system for Detroit can simply be called the M.  M is for mobility.  Ford Motor Company can lead the way with an MCS M-Train hub that can generate additional revenue while bettering people's lives.

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Hi Aaron: I have a partially designed 1.8mi subway line that might meet with your approval. There's not much unconventional about it though it might want to adopt a London Underground-type vertical squeezing to some extent: - The Grand Trunk 3-track elevated line in Detroit would do well to fill in with passenger service where this two-line spoke-and-hub subway doesn't go - probably for a higher fare - extending to Mt Clemons, Port Huron or... Toronto - since that route is way more advantageous in terms of population and could be made about the same length given revival of an old stretch in Canada. The Toronto approach is more populous too. Without something along the general route of this subway having reasonable speed and high capacity the prospect of reviving Michigan Central as a transit hub doesn't seem very likely - including another longer service I have in mind - Detroit-DWT-Downtown Toledo. (Terrible # of grade crossings on that one.)

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If there is a will there is a way.

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